"More Copies"
"More Copies"


Wow! This book is a must read.  To understand the pain and the struggles that people face every day, trapped in a world of sin! This book will open your mind as well as reveal to you signs, so that you can be aware of any loved one that may be facing the same struggle.  Reading this book rid the guilt of saying I wish I only knew or I wish that I could have done something; well now you can.  This book will be your guide into the dark world of addiction without ever being there yourself and you can have the answer that’s needed when trouble comes.  Thank you Tanya for opening my eyes and keep changing the world by making a mark in a man’s life that will never be Ease!

                                                                                                                                                               Love Always! Apostle Lennell D. Caldwell

What an incredible heart wrenching story by a "soldier in the army of The Lord." While I have witnessed and experienced some of Tanya's life journey; herein lies the most compelling gut-wrenching truth of "strength in the struggle" story, where so, so many never make it to the other side of safety. That is safe in the arms of Jesus! I'm so glad that we have a God, a true and living God that answers prayers. Love you forever my sister…

                                                                                                                                                               Evangelist Michelle D. Jackson aka (Mickey)

Tanya Davis is truly a missionary.  She’d take time to come pick me up for church and make me get in the car to go get the Word.  She didn’t know at the time I was still using, she was trying to show me how she did it.  But even during that time spent under the Word it began to convict my heart for change. When everyone turned their backs on me; she was there.  “From Crack to Christ” is a true story.  I experience some of life’s trials and tribulations with her. I can truly say while watching her in her recovery, her life touched my life and as a result of that I’m 16 years clean and sober….

                                                                                                                                                               Daryl Mack, delivered addict

I met Tanya in a place where dreams are shattered and visions are lost. In a place where it seems all hope is gone.  Even throughout this time she remained focused on her goals.  Incarceration and separation from the outside world and the ones she loved, couldn’t discourage her motivation.  Tanya is truly inspiring and “From Crack to Christ…” tells a story of what a true survivor is and it only gives a portion of how wonderful she is; A must read.  I just want her to know I give her all the love GOD taught me how to give to a person and that’s unconditional…  

                                                                                                                          Laury’n West, Lethal Writing & Creative Concepts, Film, TV and Playwright

To my daughter, I’m so very proud of you.  For you to share the writing in this book about your life is truly a blessing for somebody.  And to the readers who are parents; the one thing you’ll find in this story is “Never” give up on your children when facing devastating situations.  You will see in this book that Through prayer and supplication God will turn any situation around…There’s an old saying “Somebody prayed for Me” well I never stop praying for my daughter and as a result of prayer God’s Love conquers all…

                                                                                                                                                               I Love you, Mother

This book is going to bless everyone who reads it because of the real life circumstances my mother has shared with you. I didn’t know what happen, I didn’t know what she went through, I knew she was on drugs once before, but I never seen that side of my mother.  She’s been a wonderful provider, and a hard worker, but from reading this book I now know.  I am so proud of the obstacles you overcame and the mountains you had to climb. Now I’m more grateful God gave you another chance because I know firsthand what a mighty God we serve…

                                                                                                                                                             I love you Mommy! Parisia

To my Dear Wife, I don’t know how you survived mentally, after reading your book.  But I do know I’m married to a strong, amazing woman.  Some things I read in your book I wanted to hurt some people, and then I wanted to cry because I felt your pain; even now when you hurt I hurt.  Just know every day I look at you I thank God he kept you here to share the rest of your life with me; Forever and Always…

                                                                                                                                                             I Love YOU! Kenneth